Boy Scout Troop 303

Established August, 2003
Grayslake, IL
Chartered by Lord of Glory Church

Costs to Become a Scout

Note: Troop 303, and Boy Scouts in general, believe that finances should not prevent a boy from joining. We have ability to help in many cases when needed. Additionally, our Troop has fundraisers a couple of times each year in which Scouts can earn money to be used for the Troop costs, campout costs, and uniform costs.

Below are details of many of the costs associated with getting a new Scout initially engaged in our Troop. Please note that the costs cover different items and are payable to different entities.

Select if you are currently a registered Scout, i.e. a Webelos or Arrow of Light Scout?

Costs paid to Troop 303

Current Month is

Troop Joining Fee
  • Troop Neckerchief
  • Custom 303 Unit Numerals for Scout Shirt
  • Boy Scout Shoulder Loops
National BSA Registration Fee
$33 Annually or $2.75/month for remainder of the year until December 31.
(Prorated based on remaining months in the year)

Boy's Life Magazine Subscription (Optional)
$12 Annually or $1/month for remainder of the year until December 31.
(Prorated based on remaining months in the year)

Troop Annual Dues
These can be paid in two parts, $20 in Sept , $20 around January.
The National Registration and Boys Life Full Year Fees comes out of this $40. You will not need to separately pay the National Registration Fee or Boys Life Subscription in .

If Annual Dues Paid in Full Now

Costs paid to the Scout Store (or other Scout merchandise sales point):

Boy Scout Handbook, 13th Edition
BSA Handbook 13th Edition
Spiral Bound (Recommended) $19.99

Perfect Bound (tends to break with use) $14.99

Boy Scout Uniform Shirt - Short Sleeve
Boy Scout Shirt
Choice of materials:

Polyester/Wool (Recommended): $44.99

Cotton: $36.99

Polyester Microfiber: $44.99
Northeast Illinois Council Shoulder Patch
Northeast Illinois Council Shoulder Patch

World Crest Patch
BSA World Crest patch

World Crest BSA Ring
BSA World Crest Ring patch

Excluding Options

With Options

Details on Uniform patch placement are available here:

The Northeast Illinois Council Scout Shop is located at
2745 Skokie Valley Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

Other Scout Shops are located in Arlington Heights, Chicago, and Crystal Lake. Many items can be ordered online from ScoutStuff. The Ace Hardware in Round Lake carries Boy Scout items including shirts, patches, and books, but be careful as they have been selling old versions of the Boy Scout Handbook this year and may not have the new one yet.

Gear for Camping - Paid to Outdoor Gear Stores

These are approximate costs for gear paid to your choice of outdoor gear stores. Costs varies with choice of brands, stores, and features in the gear.
Mess Kit with Mesh Bag
Plastic is recommended.
One option:
Refillable Water Bottle
Suggestion: $13.99
Sleeping Bag, rated 20 - 30 degrees
Many options for sleeping bags exist and costs vary considerably ($30 - $500). We find that a good quality 20 - 30 degree sleeping bag works for many of our Spring and Fall camping trips. It may be that a second, lower temperature sleeping bag, like a 0 degree bag, may be needed or desired in the future for some of our extreme temperature camping. Synthetic fill sleeping bags tend to be thicker and heavier, but cost less, while natural down fill bags pack smaller, are lighter, but are more expensive and take more care.

Here is a a suggestion but many more options exist: $69.99

Kelty often has good quality for basic camping and you can almost never go wrong with their gear. You can purchase better gear sometimes from other manufacturers, but no matter what you are willing to spend, which determines your features and temperature ranges, you usually get something of quality with Kelty. We recommend choosing a first sleeping bag with less cost. A better, more expensive bag can be purchased after a couple of years when the Scout is more sure he is staying in the program and wants more versatility or to take on High Adventure trips where performance versus weight and size matter more.
Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pads come in a number of technologies, styles, and costs. Avoid any pad/mattress that is an air only mattress as these will not provide much if any insulation from the cold ground.

Technologies include:
$15.00 - $40.00 (estimated)
Leather Work Gloves
Can be purchased from many different stores including Menards, Home Depot, Ace, etc.

These are used with tools like the axe, while cooking, etc.
$10.00 (estimated)
Flash Light
or Headlamp
Prices vary considerably based on choice. Inexpensive flash lights can be as little as $10-$15. Brighter, more durable, headlamps can be $70 - $90.
$15 - $30
Totals vary based on choices.
$116.00 - $211.00 (estimated)

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