Boy Scout Troop 303

Established August, 2003
Grayslake, IL
Chartered by Lord of Glory Church

Eagle Court of Honor
Parent and Family Guide

This document serves as a guide to parents, families and the Eagle Scout Recipient to the portions of the Eagle Court of Honor in which they are involved. The Eagle Court of Honor is a celebration of the Eagle Scout Recipient(s) achievement as well as the Troop and Boy Scout program. The Court of Honor will be planned and conducted by the Troop leaders and will incorporate ideas from the families based on the outline below. The Troop Senior Patrol Leader will work with the Scoutmaster on planning the ceremony and the Troop Committee provides logistics support.

Planning Meetings

These are hosted by the Troop. The SM, Senior Patrol Leader, and Committee Chair work with the Eagle recipient's family on scheduling these meetings.

Length of Eagle Court of Honor

The typical Eagle Court of Honor ceremony will take between one to one and a half hours depending on the family items added as noted below and the number of Eagle Recipients. Meals either before or after the CoH are planned; see below for more details. Overall, the afternoon or evening Eagle CoH and meal will be about two to three hours.

Setting the Date and Time

Hosting a celebration requires that a number of key people be present. We will work together to plan the date and time accounting for the personal schedules of all the key people and items listed below.
  • Eagle recipient(s)
  • His/their family
  • His/their guests
  • Scoutmaster
  • Committee Chair
  • Majority or reasonable number of other Troop leaders (Committee & ASMs)
  • SPL
  • Majority of Scouts in the Troop (quick reviews of school schedules, Scout program schedules, etc. is in order. )
  • Venue availability
  • No conflicts with planned Troop activities or meetings.
We may consider combining the Eagle CoH on the same day as a regular CoH to improve options for dates. The Eagle CoH must be a separate event in that it has its own time, opening, closing, etc. It can be that we hold a regular CoH, then dinner, then the Eagle CoH in the same day.


The Troop is responsible for booking the venue. Lord of Glory Church will be used in most cases. In the event a different facility is used, the cost shall be free or a nominal, i.e. $25, custodial fee. The family may suggest an alternate venue for the Troop to book that meet these guidelines and the required logistics for conducting the program.

Please note that use of the Sanctuary at Lord of Glory for the Eagle Court of Honor is limited by availability. For example, the Sanctuary is not available Sunday nights which is our typical meeting night so another day must be planned.

The Troop Committee, SM, and SPL will work with the Family to review the layout of the venue for the stage and seating.

Guest List and Invitations

The Troop Committee is responsible for the guest list and sending invitations. The Troop has a number of regular invitees for Eagle Courts of Honor. Of course, it is important for the Eagle Scout Recipient(s) to include their family, extended family, and guests. The Eagle Scout(s) and families should provide their lists to the Troop Committee to be included for invitations. A shared Google Document will be used for this information; at the beginning of planning, the Troop will share a document with the families so they may start adding their guests.

Formal Invitations (paper, Eagle themed) will be created by the Troop Committee and shared with the families to get their ideas, changes, and feedback before printing. Formal invitations will be sent in regular mail to the following people.

  • Eagle Recipient(s) extended family
  • Eagle Recipient(s) special guests (friends, teachers, other Scouts or Scouters, etc.)
  • Troop regular invitees
  • Chartered Organization Rep
  • Chartered Organization Executive Officer (Pastor)
  • Church Elders
  • Church Administration
  • Unit Commissioner
  • District Advancement Chair
  • District Eagle Advancement Chair (may be separate)
  • North Star Eagle Kit Donators (LeRoy and Eva Bair)
  • Marine Corps, 801
  • Troop Eagle Scouts (formerly registered or current)
Either formal invitations or electronic invitations (Troop Committee choice) will be sent to the following people.
  • Current Scouts and Families
  • Troop Adult Leaders

Guest Speaker(s)

The Eagle Scout Recipient(s) or their families may request the inclusion of one or more guest speakers during the ceremony. The SPL and SM will discuss program timing of these speakers with the families.

Flag Ceremony

The flag ceremonies to open and close the Eagle CoH will typically be conducted by the Scouts in the Troop. However, if the Eagle Recipient(s) and families have a special group, i.e. Marines, Fire Department, etc., they would like to invite to conduct these ceremonies, then this request can be incorporated into the program.

Slide Shows/Movies

Appropriate presentations of the Eagle Recipient(s) involvement in Scouting or his outside activities add a personal touch to the Eagle Courts of Honor. Families should detail their thoughts to the SPL and SM including the following items.
  • Audio/Visual requirements
  • Approximate length of presentation
  • Any special circumstances

Skits and Other Presentations

If the Eagle Recipient(s) wish to include a skit, or the family wishes to have a special presentation relevant to the Eagle CoH, these may be included. The best example of a skit was performed by two of our Eagle Scouts who chose to set up a campfire area as if on a campout and reminisce about their Scouting history mentioning people that were important to them; as the people were mentioned, the Scouts or Scouters joined them around the campfire.

Presentation of Congratulatory Letters

Eagle Scouts will receive numerous congratulatory letters. The Eagle Recipient(s) or their families may wish to include a presentation of some or all of these letters. See congratulatory letters below.

Presentation of Flags or Other Commemorative Items

The US Congress and Pentagon offer flags flown over their buildings as commemorative items to Scouts receiving Eagles. The family may wish to request one of these and present the flag at the CoH.

Other items similar to flags that embody Scouting Spirit and ideals are also appropriate and may be included.

Obtaining Congratulatory Letters and Commemorative Flags or Items

The families of the Eagle Scout Recipients should request letters of congratulations or commemorative items. The Troop will assist with contact information and any other support necessary. Here are some resources.

Program Agenda

The SPL will be the Master of Ceremonies (MC). The Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster own the program agenda and details. The items listed in this document that the family or Eagle Scout(s) provide will be included. Scout and Family requests include the following.

All Troop members who will be presenting or performing parts in the ceremony, etc., are determined by the SPL and the SM.


The Eagle recipient determines his own Mentors who will present the Eagle rank with the help of the Master of Ceremony and/or SPL. Mentors are kept secret and are a surprise when presented by the Eagle Scout at the ceremony. Given the secrecy, Mentors are not expected to give verbal thoughts or a speech but may do so.

Program Printing

The printing of the program will be the Troop's responsibility. A proof of the program for review by the Eagle recipient and family will be sent before printing for comments, feedback, spelling check, etc. Any special acknowledgments, spelling of guest names and titles, etc. should be provided by the families.

The family or Scout may provide a picture or pictures to include in the Program. A biography of the Eagle recipient is appropriate as well.


An Eagle Court of Honor is a major celebration by the Troop and should always include a meal. The Troop will arrange the meal and make it simple and thrifty; it may be main course with families bringing a dish to pass with the Troop picking up the main course or potluck, etc. The cost of a main course is covered by the Troop or passed along to the guests as a nominal fee.


If the family chooses to buy their own cake(s), this is fine. In the event that the families do not wish to order and purchase the case, the Troop will cover the cake/deserts with the same simple, thrifty, thematic view.


The Troop handles decorations and will acquire and/or make them. Again, this is a major celebration and having the venue look nice and match the theme of the evening is important. The family may request to add additional decorations at their own cost.

Setup and Clean Up

The Troop will arrange for the setup and clean-up; Scouts from the Troop will be involved in both.

Marine Presentation of the K-Bar

The presentation of certificates and a K-Bar knife has become a Troop tradition and will be included in all Eagle CoHs. The family may request that this not be done if they have an objection to their son receiving a knife, etc. The Troop will make the contact and arrange for the Marines to attend. A nominal fee for the K-bar is charged and will be covered by the Troop.


The following costs are covered by the Troop. Other than items listed in this document, the family should not need to cover any additional costs.
  • Invitations paper and printing
  • Program paper and printing
  • Eagle recognition items from the Troop (approx $65 currently)
  • Meal main course
  • Decorations
  • Venue
  • Marine K-Bar Knife

Eagle Recipient Displays

Eagle recipients may wish to bring and display items, particularly Scouting but not limited to Scouting, that represent themselves; patches, pictures, items of significance to them, etc. The venue will be set up to include tables for these displays. If any special arrangements are needed for a display, please let the Troop Committee know as soon as possible.

Logistics Planning/Rehearsal

At least one planning meeting will be arranged with the venue available so that the key Troop people and the Eagle Recipient(s) and families can review details and walk through the program. Adjustments for the venue setup and program plan will be made if necessary.

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