Boy Scout Troop 303

Established August, 2003
Grayslake, IL
Chartered by Lord of Glory Church

Eagle Court of Honor Planning Checklist

Family Planning Items

  • Attend the Planning Meeting(s)
  • Provide Information and Feedback on Possible Dates and Times that Family and Guests Would Be Available
  • Provide Information on Any Requested Guest Speakers to the SPL and SM
  • Create and Provide any Slide Shows or Special Presentations for Their Son(s)
  • Provide Family, Friends and Special Guests List to the Troop. Record these in the shared Google document for guest list.
  • Provide Information on Any Special Group Request for the Flag Ceremony, i.e. Military, Fire Department, etc.
  • Provide Information on Any Skits or Other Presentations Requested
  • Request Congratulatory Letters
  • Request Flags or Other Commemorative Items (Not Already Included by the Troop)
  • Provide Biographic Information for Invitations and Programs
  • Review the Troop generated Invitations Before Printing and Mailing
  • Review the Troop generated Program Before Printing
  • Note: Suggested times of guest speakers, slide shows, etc., will be considered by SPL/SM
  • Provide Preferred Name and Spelling of Eagle Scout for Certificate from the Marines
  • Discuss Any Special Decoration Requests
  • Eagle Scout: Determines His Mentor(s) and Keeps This Private.  The Number of Mentors (3 maximum) is Provided to the SPL and SM So That Pins May Be Obtained.  If more than 3 are wanted, please discuss with the number with the Scoutmaster.
  • Decide if Any Cake(s) or Special Dessert Will Be Provided

Troop Planning Items

  • Host the Planning Meeting(s)
  • Announce the Eagle CoH Date and Time
  • Book the Venue (usually Lord of Glory Church)
  • Share the master guest list from Google docs with families.
  • Finalize Guest Lists
  • Send out All Invitations (Formal and electronic)
  • Prepare the Agenda (SPL and SM)
  • Develop Final Program Details (SPL and SM)
  • Determine Scouts Involved in the Ceremony (SPL and SM)
  • Arrange for Necessary Audio/Visual Equipment and Test
  • Print the Programs
  • Arrange for the Meal
  • Arrange for Dessert (If the Family Does Not Wish To)
  • Set Any Attendance Fees to Offset Costs
  • Collect RSVPs and Any Fees
  • Provide Decorations and Setup by Scouts
  • Obtain the Standard Recognition Items
  • Arrange for Scouts to Setup and Cleanup
  • Contact the Marines and Arrange for the Presentation of the K-Bar Knife (Knives)

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