Boy Scout Troop 303

Established August, 2003
Grayslake, IL
Chartered by Lord of Glory Church

Typical Campout Gear

You should pack the normal campout gear for this campout. Use the Boy Scout Handbook packing list and the Troop 303 Scout General Gear List

Summer Camp Gear

Required/Strongly Suggested Items

  • Mosquito Net available at Campmor. This same netting is usually available from most local outdoor stores (Bass Pro, Cabelas, Sports Authority, Dicks, etc) but call first.
  • Mosquito Net Frame (to be built at June 6th meeting). Cost is about $8 for materials.
  • Plastic bins with locking lids (pack gear in these instead of backpack or bags). We recommend the "Roughneck Clear 50 qt", which should be available at stores like WalMart and Menards. You should purchase the 50 qt version so the storage bin fits well under the camp cots. Other bins will not fit or have limited storage.
  • Two Tarps - At summer camp, Mr. Kortge suggests a slightly larger one (10x14) can be used on top of a tent if the tent tends to leak in the rain. A smaller (8x8) can be placed under the cot and mosquito net frame to prevent insects from coming up through the wooden platform which has gaps between the boards on purpose.
  • Mosquito Repellent is a must. Versions with more than 15% DEET seem to work best. Aerosol cans are not allowed at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan. Also, the ThermaCells seem to work very well but refills are needed and kind of expensive and a belt holster is pretty much needed.
  • Although listed in the Typical Camping Gear, a reminder that the Boy Scout Handbook is a must for camp.
  • Medications: must be originally labeled containers showing name, medication, and dosage. Boy Scout National standards and Wisconsin recreational camp laws (HFS 175, 175.14, section 6) require these medications to be stored locked up and administered by health services at camp. The only exception is medication for life threatening emergencies: epi-pen, inhaler, bee-sting which allow for a small quantity to be carried by the camper.
  • Labeling: please label all items including storage bins.

Merit Badge Related Items

You will only need these items if you are planning to work on the specific Merit Badge listed.
  • Swimming Merit Badge
    • Long, non-jean, pants. These will be used for one day to jump into the water, take them off, tie them, inflate them, and use them as a floatation aid. Jeans soak up a lot of water, are heavy, and do not inflate well. The Scout Switchbacks work well for this.
    • Long sleeve shirt. This is also used for a floatation aid on one day.
    • Belt
  • Pioneering Merit Badge
    • Manilla Rope. For Pioneering MB, you will need more and it is better to have an idea of your planned project and assume 25' per lashing. Manilla rope can be purchased in small sizes at Home Depot, Ace, etc. Sometimes the adult leaders have rope that may be borrowed and we have a small supply as a Troop. Please check on this before camp.
  • Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
    • Magnifying glass (need to start a fire without matches three ways)
    • Steel Wool
    • 9 Volt Battery
    • Flint and Steel. The best one I have seen on the market is the StrikeForce. However, the Boy Scout flint and Steel and many other versions will work.
  • Trailblazer
    • You should have 4 lengths of 1/4" rope 15' to 25' for lashings.
    • First Aid Kit - make or buy.
  • Please check the Leader's Guide for more items required for Merit Badges and check back here often.