Boy Scout Troop 303

Established August, 2003
Grayslake, IL
Chartered by Lord of Glory Church

Gear Scouts Should Have

The items below are items every Scout should have. We have added some links to the items at Campmor, but in most cases you can find these same items, or similar items, at sporting good stores, outdoor stores, and even Target or Wal Mart. Some of the items are optional and only needed if our Troop does that kind of activity and if your Scout will be attending. We recommend that if the cost gets to be a burden, some items can be bought spread out over time. Also, we are requiring Scouts to share tents so your son could share someone else's tent.

Please note this list does not replace the list in the Boy Scout Handbook which should always be used.

    Scout Items

    • Uniform.../images/Uniform_Inspection.png Here is a link to the Uniform Insignia Guide.
    • Neckerchief (Troop Supplied, $9 for replacement)
    • Neckerchief Slide (Troop 303 slide or any Scout oriented slide)
    • Class B T-Shirts (MaKaJaWan, Troop 303)
    • Scout Handbook

    Always Carry Items

    • Pocket Knife
    • Towel - recommend a small hand towel with a grommet to attach to a caribiner.
      "A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have."
      - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Eating Items

    • Mess Kit (plastic recommended) and Utensil Set available at Campmor or most outdoor and sporting good stores. The Mess Kit must have a mesh bag (or buy this separately) to use to hang the mess kit to dry.
    • Refillable Water Bottle (preferably with clip for belt/belt loop) a couple of choices available at Campmor: 0.6 Liter, 0.75 Liter, 1 Liter

    Camp Items

    • Pair of leather work gloves
    • Sturdy walking shoes/hiking boots
    • Camp Chair
    • Rope - polypropylene or parachute cord, 3/8" x 50' available at Home Depot and other locations
    • Flashlight and/or headlight
    • Fire Starting - we recommend a flint and steel though matches in a waterproof case can also be used. We recommend the Strike Force which can be found for varying prices on the internet.
    • Extra Batteries
    • Compass
    • Personal First Aid Kit (Our Troop will help make these)
    • Sun Screen
    • Insect Repellent
    • Spiral Notebook or clipboard and pad
    • Pens and/or Pencils
    • Toilet Paper

    Sleeping Items

    • Good sleeping bag (25 - 30)
    • Sleeping pad or mat
    • (Optional) Sleeping Bag (-20 - 0) for winter camping
    • (Optional) Sleeping Bag Liner available at Campmor. This can double as a warm weather (60 +) sleeping bag.

    Tenting Items

    • 2-4 man tent (every two Scouts needs one tent). The Troop does now have several tents that may be borrowed for camping. The Scout is required to take the borrowed tent home after a campout, dry it, and clean it as necessary. Damage to tents will be the responsibility of the Scout.
    • Tarp (6x8, 8x10). Sometimes it is good to have two particularly at summer camp and winter campouts.


    We recommend that camping clothes be synthetic (polyester, fleece, Under Armor warm and cold gear, etc) or Wool. These clothes stay warmer when wet. Cotton clothes lose most or all of their warmth when wet. Of course we understand that Scouts would have a mix of cotton and non-cotton cloths and certainly in warmer, dryer, weather cotton is fine.
    • Raincoat or poncho - a must
    • Long pants - every Scout should pack at least one pair of long pants even if the weather will be warm. The weather can change or we might do an activity that is better with long pants.
    • Long sleeve shirts - at least one for each campout
    • Underwear - usually at least enough for everyday plus one extra pair
    • Socks - again, preferably non-cotton.
    • Jacket - Fleece are great and can be combined with a raincoat to provide warmth (fleece) and wind break (rain coat).
    • Long underwear - synthetic - a must for all campouts in winter, spring, and fall. Even on warmer campouts, these can be used if the temperature drops and clothing options are limited to stay warm (credit Mr. Kortge).

Page Last updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2016