Boy Scout Troop 303

Established August, 2003
Grayslake, IL
Chartered by Lord of Glory Church

Typical Campout Gear

If the canoe trip is part of a campout, you should pack the normal campout gear for this campout. You may also want to review the campout gear lists for items you may want on a day canoe trip. Use the Boy Scout Handbook packing list and the Troop 303 Scout General Gear List

Gear for the Canoe

All gear should be packed to limit water exposure. You can seal in dry sacks if you have them or in water tight plastic bags. If you use plastic bags without a zip lock, you can use a "gooseneck" closure to keep water out. Here is an explanation and drawings for the gooseneck.

Also, the day pack should be tied to a thwart on the canoe to prevent loss if the canoe tips over. All items should be secure in the day pack or attached to the day pack. The Troop is not responsible for lost gear.

  • Personal PFD if you have one, otherwise we will rent them - must be worn at all times on the river
  • Wear old shoes as they may get wet. Dive booties or other water shoes with a firm sole can be used as well.
  • Raincoat or Poncho
  • Day Pack
  • Sun Screen
  • Insect repellent
  • Water Bottles (Plenty of water)
  • Hat (Optional)
  • Sunglasses (Optional)
  • Sunglass strap (must have if have sunglasses in case of fall into water)
  • Chap Stick or other lip balm
  • Jacket - depending on weather, the rain coat can double as a jacket.
  • Spare Clothes - pants, shirt, underwear, socks
  • First Aid Kit (one per canoe)
  • Rock River Map - Troop supplied
  • Optional - GPS Receiver in water tight bag/tied to thwart
  • Optional - Cell Phone. You'll need this in a waterproof case or several bags to keep it dry.
  • Cell Phone Numbers of Leaders - Troop Supplied
  • Rope to tie backpack/small cooler to the canoe
  • (Optional) Small cooler for water and lunch

Page Last updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2016